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Saturday, 24 June 2017

These simple little toys are cropping up everywhere after seemingly appearing out of nowhere. What's the deal?

fidget spinner is a toy that is marketed as relieving stress. It consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic. The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHDautism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress. Experts are divided, with some supporting this claim and others disputing its scientific basis, arguing that the toy may be distracting.

Fidget spinners became popular toys in 2017, although similar devices had already been invented in 1993. Often marketed with claims of health benefits, the toy became popular among schoolchildren. Some schools banned the spinners for being a distraction, while other schools allowed the toy to be used discreetly.

Fidget spinners can be bought online or at a variety of stores but are yet to arrive Nigeria. Really ?... That is a Hoax... Get yours now at a very cheap and affordable change on Konga now... Click here

Enjoy spinning 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Man charged with murder claims his girlfriend choked to death on his penis!

Men, we understand, are prone to exaggerate; some going to “extreme lengths” when it comes to their “manhood”, now we are not sure if Richard Henry Patterson is exaggerating when he told a court in Florida that Francisca Marguinez choked to death during oral sex because his penis is so large!
Not content with telling the jury that he has a whopper, he wants to show them it in court to prove his innocence. His claim is that because his penis is, well shall we say mammoth sized, poor old Francisca just choked during their playful exercise. The defence lawyer Ken Padowitz, has called upon the judge to allow Patterson to show his penis to the jury, judge, lawyers and a bailiff. The eager lawyer suggested that it “was essential” that they saw the offending weapon, so that they could fully understand just what the defence team were talking about. Failing this, Mr Padowitz has said that he will just have to make a mould of the gentleman’s penis so that he jurors can see the monster.
Mr Patterson does admit that he, or perhaps he means his penis, killed her, but denies that he did it deliberately and is to face trial for second-degree murder. The couple had been dating for about four months when the unfortunate event took place, which was in October 2015. He was arrested in November after police found a decomposing body when Patterson contacted his lawyer and told him to send police to Marguinez’s home. What the unfortunate police found when they went into the victims home was Marguinez face down on the bed, surrounded by blood and semen-stained tissues.
Unfortunately, because of the length of time and the state of the decomposing body, the coroner was unable to determine the cause of death. Police were alerted after Patterson messaged his daughter and a friend saying he ‘did something bad’ and that he ‘was so sorry’. He said that although he had choked her, perhaps that should read penis, but now he is arguing that he didn’t strangle her.
Should the judge decide to allow the defendant to display his penis, we wonder if it would be presented flaccid or erect, whichever way it may happen, would his “evidence” stand up in court!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Apple details how the iPhone will block texts when you’re driving

Even though it has been illegal to use a mobile ‘phone whilst driving since 2003, and although new legislation came into effect in March 2017 which saw increases in penalties, drivers are still seen using hand held mobiles when on the move. The latest government directive has seen penalties increase and now you could be fined £200 and get six points on your licence, if you’re less than two years from passing your test 6 points would mean losing your licence.

Should you refuse or dispute, then this can mean that you could be taken to court, or if the police think the offence is so bad that a fixed penalty isn’t enough you could be taken to court. Fines in court will almost certainly be larger and disqualification is possible, the maximum fine in a court is £1,000, or £2,500 if you were driving a bus or a goods vehicle. If you have to use a hand held mobile then you’ll first have to stop driving, which means parking up safely and legally with the handbrake on and the engine switched off. Police forces in Britain penalised almost 6,000 motorists for the offence in the four weeks after tougher punishments took effect, equivalent to one every seven minutes. Read more here

Dog Falls Into The River Thames, Man Dives In To Save Him

Anything that involves saving animals, especially dogs, is certain to make news in Britain and although the feats of one particular man in London, did not replace the current headlines relating to the recent election of a new parliament, it certainly got the fingers busy on smartphones posting on social media websites.
   What happened was that this young man was walking along the pavement close to the River Thames when he spotted a dog in trouble in the water. Now we imagine that most people would have waited for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution or RNLI which was already seen coming down the Thames to come to the rescue of the “pooch”, but no, our un-named Good Samaritan dived in to the Thames to rescue the struggling dog!
One person videoed the rescue and posted it on Twitter, this shows the lifeboat crew speeding along towards the man, cold and wet by this time and clinging to the rescue chains on the embankment wall with one hand with the other clutching the grateful dog.

21 Tips and Tools For Kick-ass Life

Tips & Tools for Kick-Ass Life Shift your mindset
1. Tell yourself this is the most magnificent life has ever been. Even if you do live in a van down by the river. You might have to fake it ’til you make it, but start. Now. Tell yourself this is not only the greatest time in your life, but YOU are the best you’ve ever been. Note: This is a work in progress. You can’t just think it and say, “Phew! That was easy!” You have to say it aloud, write it down yourself, make it a daily practice. When you fall out of the habit, just notice and start over. What totally rocks in your life right now? (Even if it’s only one thing.)

2. Open your eyes. If you’re not facing the reality of what is really going on in your life, take a moment to truly listen and see. Without judgment. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, admit what’s happening around you. Quiet the voices that tell you whose fault it is, make excuses, or whatever your nay-saying voice tells you. Perhaps you are a fierce perfectionist, have disordered eating, or are suffering from depression. Or maybe you’re in a bad marriage or relationship. By not admitting to what’s really happening, what is the price you are paying for staying in denial? 

2. f you live in the land of victimhood feeling sorry for yourself, pack your bags and move out. Loving yourself is not about having a pity party. It wears on you (not to mention the people around you), breeds onto itself, and will give you more of the same. Sure, it’s okay to feel sad, or frustrated, or whatever feelings you need to feel about your current circumstances, but if you’re setting up residency there, see Step #1. What are you getting out of being addicted to suffering .
Do you need to blame everybody for your unhappy circumstances? this is a personal question to ponder about.
3. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes you may have made. You cannot truly love yourself if you are still beating yourself up for mistakes you made in the past. Maybe you have mommy guilt over something, maybe you abused your body somehow, or maybe you did something that was less than Honorable just last week. To stop judging yourself over the past? You are human. Sometimes in the “Human-ness” of us all, there is some “Human-mess.” We all have it. Remember: We all cope the best way we know how, at that time, with the tools we have. Learn from it and move on. What would happen if you allowed yourself to move away from the past mistake?.

4. If you need it, get some therapy. If you have deep scars from childhood, get therapy. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, anything that consumes your life and makes life hard to live every day, get therapy. If you’re in therapy and you don’t like your therapist, fire him or her and find a new one. Use resources available to you. Do the homework they give you. Showing up at your appointments isn’t a magic trick that’s going to heal you. YOU are. What do you have to lose by trying to find a great therapist? 
                                                                                       by Andrea Owen

Download full tips here {PDF} ⬇︎ 

32 Genius Google Tips And Tricks That Most People Don't Know About

Saturday, 17 June 2017



Friday Pranks


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How to Become a Social Media Guru

Wanna Step your Game in Becoming a social media guru


Friday, 16 June 2017

Kidnapper Evans Used N5.8m Phones, 162 Sim Cards To Evade Arrest

Billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike aka Evans, did not only go for rich victims, he also lived and operated in a class of his own. He was able to dodge the police dragnet for many years because he had the penchant for using luxury phones. A police source told New Telegraph yesterday that investigators had discovered, among Evans’ array of expensive phones, two Slim Vertu phones and a Thuraya.

The first Vertu phone is said to worth N2.6 million, while the second is valued at N2.4 million. The Thuraya is also said to worth N800,000. According to the source, the Vertu and Thuraya phones made it impossible for the security agents to track him.

Thuraya in particular uses satellite services. Another police source said that investigators had traced additional 36 phone lines to Evans, after earlier narrowing down to 126.

This brings the suspect’s phone lines, which he used for operation, to 162. It was learnt that it took experts days before they could decode the workings of the suspect’s phones. But of all his lines, Evans, according to the source, had a dedicated line, which he used to call four persons said to be close to his heart.

They are his friend, sister, mother and favourite mistress, Amaka. Amaka was the wife of one of Evans’ lieutenants. Another suspect, Nwosu Chikodi Chukwuma aka Skudo, told investigators that Evans murdered Amaka’s husband and turned the woman to his mistress.

But when Evans was asked, he denied the allegation. Although he had four mistresses, Amaka, who already had children for her late husband, was the only mistress he calls on the dedicated phone line. Evans told police that the Thuraya phone was his preferred phone for usage during negotiations for ransom.

Detectives revealed that the phone is the type used by the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau and other terrorists to evade tracking and arrest. A police source: “The Thuraya phone can’t be tracked. It can get signal anywhere, either under the sea or in the jungle. It works with satellite and it doesn’t make use of SIM card.”

On Wednesday, the New Telegraph went Evans’ family home in Nnewi, Anabra State, where his mother, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, was said to be living. But her brother, Daniel Nwosu, claimed he did not know her whereabouts.

But yesterday, a police source disclosed that they tracked Chinwe to Bayelsa State.

The source noted that the woman bolted to Bayelsa State after hearing about the arrest of her son. As police continue to dig out Evans’ criminal activities, they have discovered that his wife, also from Anambra State, is a sister to a kidnap kingpin, who had been killed. It was learnt that rocket launchers were found in the said kidnapper’s home while Anambra State government also demolished his building.

The officer in charge of the Inspector General of Police Special Response Team (IRT), Mr. Abba Kyari, who led in the hunt and arrest of Evans, said: “Evans almost got away with his crimes. No criminal has given me this kind of headache in my career.

Not even the case of Godogodo or Vampire. I hardly sleep. Even when I’m in the toilet, I would be analysing over 100 numbers, checking out those he had conversations with. What we have gathered is like a book now.

“But the case was a hard nut to crack until we found something interesting in one particular number. Out of the all the phone lines, it was the only number that he was using to communicate with family members in Nnewi. We followed up on that and he was nailed.”

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, before Evans’ arrest, had placed a N30 million bounty on him.

According to him, the bounty placement was made on behalf of the IG, Ibrahim Idris. “We are encouraging Nigerians to blow the whistle on this kidnapper. Whoever blows the whistle that will lead to his arrest will get a N30 million reward, as stated by the Inspector- General of Police, Ibrahim Idris,” the commissioner had said.

Yesterday, the New Telegraph made moves to find out the person who will collect the bounty since Evans had been arrested. But the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), CSP Jimoh Moshood, denied knowledge of the bounty.

He asked: “Where did you see that? I’m not aware of that announcement.” Pressed further, the FPRO said: “You need to find out which IG did that. I’m not aware; it is not to my knowledge.” Vertu New Signature Touch, according to c/net is the latest luxury device from British brand Vertu.

The 5.2-inch phone, it states, separates itself from the pack with a whopping price tag, which starts at £6,500, about $10,000 or equivalent of about N3.7 million.

“The New Signature Touch makes use of luxury materials like Titanium in its body, it’s hand-wrapped in your choice of calf, lizard or alligator skin and its screen is made from a solid lump of super-strong 130-carat sapphire.

“It’s not just about the design either as this phone is well-stocked with tech. Inside you will find an octa-core processor, the display has a full HD resolution and there’s a 21-megapixel, 4K-capable camera too. Mix in Vertu’s included concierge service, which lets you summon a lackey to do your bidding, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a phone,” it adds.