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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Olamide drops another single, This is a mad jam (prod. Young John)

This Track is about to Wo! you, Olamide drops another single, this is a mad jam (prod. Young John)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Overprotective Relatives

A very short Story f5b8d441135a18626dfb39dba1c01817--dark-house-u-part

Emma Williams, beautiful, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; a Caring husband  alongside her overprotective family members she  had lived nearly thirty-two years in the world with very little to distress or vex her, except for the  Coronary Artery Disease she had to battle with and which brings her back to the United States of America for treatments hoping to survive the dreadful outcome of the disease.

               She smiled lightly as she got off the phone with her husband Cedric, she could hear herself sighing down and thinking when next she would get to see her husband. Would he come back to the states to stay with her for sometime till she is done with her treatment. All these thoughts made her anxious and scared and lonely, but what had to be done had to be done, Cedric was a very busy man who takes work seriously and at the same time who wouldn't take his wife as a joke, he seemed too perfect to balance the two equations all the time, work and his marital health. But in this case he really had to stay back in England to manage his company as he has just been promoted to manage the fast growing food processing industry(Blossom foods).

    Emma seemed to have good and nice, overprotective relatives which makes her feel much comfortable. She picks up the remote and turns on the TV to check for the latest movies on Netflix, she tries not to select the scary movies that could get her heart beating very fast. Since she has been diagnosed, she was consulted by the physician not to get involved in things that could put her into suspense. She does her best  so much not to go against the Physician’s consults and by this, she was  safer. With the fact that she takes her pills  often and never misses her dose.

And not forgetting that she has to go for checkups every week. All these she kept going till she could be better and go back to England, Emma was living a life where she doesn't have access to somethings , but at the same time she was partially happy, her caring husband and her relatives , what could be better than your family supporting you in times like this, she thought as she sighs again and heads towards the kitchen not being able to get something to watch on Netflix, she grabs the red wine which she had initially opened, she  poured it into the stemware, she had few sips and sat down and continued with her thoughts.

           Back in England Cedric was always eager to talk to Emma’s Mum about Emma’s wellbeing in The States, everyone seemed like a very nice family and they were all happy. Except for being worried about the only person in the family not having a Good Health which is Emma but with the hopes of her being in the states and getting good treatments, she should get better.

        Cedric and Emma decided not to have their babies yet because of all this health issues. They had planned to do that when she was better and okay. Cedric has always been the First person to get to the Office day by day. Punctuality has always been his best friend and thats why he gets good promotions. 

        As The manager he is always showing up very early at work. He believes leaders lead by examples. He releases his  associates and workers at the right closing hour for everyone but Cedric seemed to always stay back and check the whole day’s activities and Gross lists to make sure the company is not running at loss, he is the right and perfect man for the job. As said buy the company management. And yes they were very right. Cedric did this everyday and still would come home to make some food and call his beloved wife in the States to ask how she was fairing. He did this everyday of his life even with his wife not being there. This went on and on for sometime until this very faithful Friday night around 11 o'clock Pm  when Emma’s Mum got a call from the Police department  if they knew Who Cedric Williams was, identifying that from his ID, she was so scared and had to ask what has happened and the police explained that there has been a fatal car crash on the narrow  and lone road which Cedric’s Body was found lying half outside and inside his BMW

He had crashed into an unseen Tree and had been unconscious for a while but there was no one along that road which made him helpless and only the patrol police could find his dead body along the Road. Emma’s mum rushed to the hospital where Cedric body was lying for identification before taken to the Morgue, it was a very sad night for her as she couldn't contain the agony she felt and cried all night not only her but with Emma’s younger ones. Cedric had lost his parents long time ago which made him make his new family with the Emma’s. But now that he is gone Things were getting worse, They wouldn't want to disclose this to Emma because of her condition. This whole issue was going very bad.

              Everybody has been nervous all week as Emma has been disturbing the whole family with calls, she was yet to  hear from Cedric, its so unusual for him not to have called. Things were getting really suspicious and she couldn't take it anymore, The whole family agreed to keep this from her as she might react negatively to the breaking   news about her husband Until she can take the situation with ease and look over it, all they told her was Cedric is Good and he's just probably busy. They don't want to lose two people in a family. Emma knew something was definitely wrong , a week plus without any communication with her husband. She tried contacting him with every means that she could but it was all not going through. She was yet to finish her Treatment in the States and she might not be allowed to leave yet for her own good.

                  Emma  got on the first flight flying  down to England the second week after she had not been able to hear From Cedric without telling anybody except her Therapist who Advised her not to make the trip yet as she isn't fit enough to travel to where she wouldn't get medical supervision. she was hellbent on going and she did got to England.

         Getting home to find only the maid cleaning the apartment. She was surprised she didn't meet anyone home on a Saturday afternoon, if Cedric was okay he should be home she ran upstairs and down in search for whats not there, coming back downstairs with her heart pumping fast, maid had already called Emma’s mum and her relatives already arrived. She hugged Emma crying, saying the words “Emma i don't want to lose you” Emma kept on asking mum where is my Cedric, she couldn't talk because she just wouldn't know what could happen to Emma if she tells her he's dead, just before any action could be made, the CNN news on the Tv highlights were shown and everybody could hear and see images of Cedric and his BMW ruins with the title “popular Manager for Blossom foods lost his life in  fatal car crash on Friday evening”

Emma’s younger sister tried to quickly put off the Tv but that was when Emma skipped a bit and sat down with tears rolling down her cheeks and had  heart attack. Few minutes later the ambulance arrived but it was too late. 

       Emma’s Mum and her other siblings were all in tears as they stared sadly at the two coffin placed in front of them, being dedicated by the bishop. After then the couples were buried beside each other. Should she has told Emma earlier or  later about her husband’s death. Emma’s Mum was left to ponder.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

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This is beautiful id say, can i call it Fine Wine?


Wednesday, 12 July 2017